Our greek Woollen slippers’s little story

Rooted in the heart of Nafplio Argolida, a picturesque seaport town in Peloponnese, MINAS S.A. stands as a testament to the Minas family’s enduring passion for crafting the renowned Greek woollen slippers. Our story begins in 1987, a chapter marked by heritage, determination, and the pursuit of a cherished dream.

Dimitra’s grandmother, the indomitable Maria, planted the seed of creativity when she established a quaint tourist shop in Nafplio. Amidst an array of Greek souvenirs, she found solace in creating intricate hand-knit products. Inspired by the allure of tradition, she embarked on a journey to fashion and introduce handmade woollen slippers that mirrored the iconic Greek “tsarouhia” – the symbolic shoe of the Hellenic Presidential Guard, the Evzones.

Maria’s intuition proved remarkable, as tourists embraced her unique creations with open arms. Demand soared, and every pair of these woollen wonders found an eager owner. The legacy of Minas George, Dimitra’s father, truly began to unfurl. Leaving behind a career as a policeman, he took a bold stride to establish a family-owned business that was fueled by collective passion.

From humble beginnings, Minas George embarked on an arduous journey. Armed with his unwavering dedication and a trusty little car, he crisscrossed the expanse of Greece. His mission was to introduce their enchanting woollen slippers to every corner, forging connections with diverse tourist shops across the nation.

The tale of MINAS S.A. is more than a business venture; it’s a testament to the resilience of a family united by a shared vision. Each stitch woven into our slippers holds the essence of tradition, heritage, and the boundless spirit of the Minas family. As we look back on our journey, we are humbled by the strides we’ve taken, the smiles we’ve sparked, and the legacy we continue to nurture.

Join us in celebrating this rich tapestry of artistry, dedication, and the love for all things Greek. Your steps in our woollen slippers echo the steps of history, connecting you to the heart of our story.

Our Business Today. A Legacy Continues: The Evolution of Our Enterprise

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