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Our Business Today. A Legacy Continues: The Evolution of Our Enterprise

Today, the journey of MINAS S.A. thrives under the stewardship of Dimitra and her husband, a continuation of the legacy set forth by her father, George. With his passing in 2016, the reins of the company were entrusted to Dimitra, ushering in a new era of growth and innovation.

The company now flourishes within a larger factory, a bustling hub that hums with the energy of 20 dedicated employees and the whirring of modern machinery. Within these walls, 600 pairs of our coveted slippers come to life each day, a testament to our commitment to crafting excellence.

Guided by Dimitra’s vision as CEO, MINAS S.A. has unfurled its wings, reaching out to new horizons and foreign markets. The past few years have witnessed a remarkable expansion, as our Greek woollen slippers find their way into the hearts of customers around the world. With every pair that finds a new home, a piece of Greece’s essence is transported across continents, echoing the fond memories created during vacations on Greek shores.

At MINAS S.A., we remain steadfast in our dedication to preserving tradition while embracing the future. As we step into each new day, we honor the legacy that began with Maria’s creative spark, evolved through George’s unwavering commitment, and continues to flourish under Dimitra’s visionary leadership. Together, we extend an invitation to join us on this journey, as we weave a tapestry of comfort, tradition, and the shared love for all things Greek.

Our greek Woollen slippers’s little story

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